COVID-19 Work Safely Review


8th June 2020

At the start of this pandemic, we sent you our thoughts on protecting your businesses as Remote Working became the norm.  We followed this with a practical Checklist to verify these steps – after all implementation is key and we hope this was of some value to you.  Since then I hope you have managed to navigate the various challenges and are now upbeat about this next new phase.

With the restrictions beginning to be lifted, we thought it would now be helpful to share our Risk Review for “COVID-19 Work Safely & Effectively”. This is a simple to follow checklist review to identify those risks which are within your control to mitigate versus those that rely on a 3rd party external to your own organisation – thereby requiring some level of follow-up.  The contents is largely derived from the UK Government’s guidance and scenarios planning for ‘office & contact centre working’ so should be consistent with official guidance as it stands.

For Hexegic, we operate across multiple sites with various 3rd party interests, so we developed this review document to help us rapidly identify those risks, that needed the leadership team’s focus.  Our experience in having done so, and indeed sharing this review with those 3rd parties, is that we have carried the initiative and built further trust and confidence with them.  Rather than sit on the document (after all we very much hope it won’t be needed again!!!) we thought better to share so you can expedite the process and then concentrate your time on building future business.

Download the document here.

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