Collaboration ‘champion’ DaniHar Technology’s Andy Long joins STC Board

Silverstone Technology Cluster

2nd February 2021

Andy Long of DaniHar Technology, has been appointed to the Silverstone Technology Cluster’s Board, joining Lohmann Technologies’ Roger Churchill as an industry representative.

Andy, MD of electronics and software design house DaniHar, replaces KW Special Projects’ Kieron Salter who has served out his three-year term on the Board.

“When the Board offered me the position, I didn’t hesitate in saying ‘yes’,” said Andy.

“What the STC stands for, particularly in terms of collaboration and knowledge transfer, is at the heart of my business model with DaniHar.”

With experience across several industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, packaging and medical, Andy launched DaniHar in 2015 and was quick to make sure the business joined the STC network’s membership.

“A lot of where DaniHar is now is because of the STC,” continued Andy. “Directly or indirectly, I’ve worked with companies or had referrals from STC members to work with other companies – opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise existed.

“It’s a great organisation that enables people who are on the same page to grow the network together.”

DaniHar, based in Northants, is currently on a ‘growth curve’: it has formed pivotalbusiness alliances and is working on two medical devices projects for off-shore customers. DaniHar also takes part in the NatWest’s Entrepreneur Accelerator programme, and is always looking for knowledge transfer opportunities.

Andy added: “We take pride in helping start-ups go through the product development cycle, and in providing longevity of support through technical partnerships.

“Collaboration is a core value of mine, never working in silos. Technology is so broad – collaborating enables companies with high end skills to come together to deliver cost effective solutions for clients. It’s about people doing their bit and everyone shares in the joy of the outcome.

“Businesses want to stay lean and agile to provide the best skillset for each project; collaboration also helps achieve that.”




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