Cluster Showcases Digital & Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Silverstone Technology Cluster

5th March 2020

At an interactive STC Technology Showcase event last week, Digital & Advanced Manufacturing technology companies gathered to present their tech from across the cluster. Barclays at Eagle Lab in Cranfield welcomed our buzzing crowd, giving them the opportunity to network with like-minded peers and share news of their tech with interested parties.

Banners and demo products on display, tech experts mingled to discuss the latest product developments in the cluster. A high-energy afternoon of 1-minute spotlight presentations ensued with each tech company presenting ‘who they are and what they do’. Technology ranging from additive manufacturing to moulded packaging, manufacturing software to automotive components, was on show. Kieron Salter of KW Special Projects and STC Board member, who was compering the event commented that,

“It’s a great opportunity for members and guests to learn what’s really going on in the area and make connections that support their business going forward”.

In addition to our 20 tech presenters, we also heard a ‘state of the nation’ from MakeUK on the UK Manufacturing industry from Charlotte Horobin. MakeUK gathers data and perspectives from UK manufacturers so they can influence UK government to lobby for their key priorities, including skills, energy and innovation. Recovering somewhat from recent disruption caused by Brexit uncertainty, the UK industry in the last quarter appears to have shown “marginally positive for output and orders”. Coronavirus question marks aside, there is now “an expectation for growth in 2020”. As the 9th largest manufacturer globally, Horobin emphasised that UK Manufacturing is far more than just “10% of GDP”, also being 66% of R&D and 44% of exports. She explained that, as a ‘voice of the industry’, MakeUK welcomes all manufacturers, large or small, to get involved and create a stronger industry influence.

Furthermore, Mohad Ahad of the Knowledge Transfer Network also presented valuable details on some funded project opportunities called Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). Businesses can apply to take on a graduate secondee to help progress a transformational project that is set to create significant impact on ROI, cultural and skills development change and innovation. As the largest post-graduate leadership programme, the KTPs are a 3-way partnership between industry, academia and graduate associates (employed by academic organisations). Applications are encouraged for any size business looking to develop either management or innovation projects (SMEs must contribute 33%) with funding still available for numerous entries.

A great representation of the variety and quality of products from our high-tech cluster, delegates shared enthusiastic feedback for this event – a great networking opportunity to see what’s going on out there and build collaborative connections and engagement between the Digital & Advanced Manufacturing special interest group community.

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Presentation links:

Make UK: State of the Nation on UK Manufacturing – Charlotte Horobin 

Knowledge Transfer Network: Funded Opportunities – Mohan Ahad

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