Cluster Members – We need you!

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30th July 2018

Calling all Cluster Members – We need you!


In the coming month we will be launching a new regional podcast called Inside Silverstone™, with a primary focus on interviewing all of you, the creative and innovative members of the Silverstone Technology Cluster! Interviews are already under way but we need more.

So, if you’re a business within the Silverstone Park or/and the STC, and you’d like to talk about what you’re up to, please get in touch. This offer includes the other professional advisers on site, such as legal, accountancy, and banking. We want to speak to everyone, no matter how big or small.

We’ll also be offering individuals the opportunity to co-host sessions, to discuss a relevant topic, making this a community focused production.


What are we trying to achieve in the podcast?

  • A Silverstone business-focused podcast covering all things tech, engineering and innovation
  • Interviewing business owners, thought leaders & the next generation
  • Sharing knowledge, insight, and best practice
  • Connecting and growing our community


This podcast will appeal to listeners who would like to:

  • learn more about the Silverstone high-growth region
  • connect commercially with like-minded peers
  • gain insight into how the leading experts succeed & lessons learned along the way
  • reach out to the next-generation of innovators


We need the help of our fellow STC and SP members, so if you’d like to appear on the show as a guest please send an email to or call 07793 841654.

  • We send a full interview brief well ahead of time, with an outline of the questions being asked – these will cover your business, its journey to date, and your hopes for the future; as well as a piece on you, your life/career to date, and lessons learned along the way
  • Recorded at your office, at the Innovation Centre on Silverstone Park, or via video conference
  • A super-relaxed and natural conversation about all things business, life, and the future
  • Perfect opportunity to promote your business or/and a project you’re working on, and to connect with other businesses (and strudents) who may not have heard of you – yet


The more help we get, and the more successful this podcast is, the greater its reach around the UK, and the world. This is a first to market Silverstone-focused podcast, and we have mighty plans for it. So please get in touch if you’d like to help colloborate.

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