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24th November 2021

We’ve loved supporting our clients with their Digital Process Improvements 🦾💻

From streamlining their Customer Journey and maximising factory efficiencies, to optimising back office processes. We’ve helped Manufacturing, Engineering and Distribution companies increase their digital capacity to gain competitive advantage.

This year we have worked with Dr Roy Taylor and the team at Malthouse Engineering Ltd. to implement our Digital Job Card solution, integrating in real time with their bespoke access database and introducing barcode scanning capabilities. From paper-based job cards transformed to digital, the business gained WIP visibility on the factory floor with a much more mobile approach. With a huge time saving, Malthouse are able to put this time elsewhere, which in term is cost effective. Starting with a factory tour, we identified opportunities for digital process improvement which led to implementing our bespoke Digital Job Card solution. 

Dr. Roy Taylor (Managing Director) wanted to gain visibility of working progress and productivity whilst moving their paper manual processes to a more efficient & digitalised way of working.“Working with HanaTech has been a great introduction to all things digital; they’ve helped us to give an improved service to our customers and taken us a leap foward in the operation of Malthouse.” – Dr Roy Taylor – Managing Director 

We are proud to be supporting local SMEs in Manufacturing and beyond into transforming their end-to-end processes and staying ahead of the competition. It’s no secret that the world is becoming more digital, so why not start your digital development journey with us and take a look at the different types of solutions we can offer.

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