Bruker Alicona Free White Paper Available

Silverstone Technology Cluster

25th July 2019


Free White Paper – Non-contact and highly accurate measurement of critical turbine engine components (also of all precision components)


Turbine engines are highly specialized aircraft components that must meet enormous safety criteria. These are precision components with complex geometries and tolerances in the sometimes single-digit μm range, tolerances that also apply to motorsport and precision engineering.

Functional component features such as micro bores for cooling holes or defined broken edges on highly stressed components contribute both to increased efficiency and to the safe operation of these high-performance systems.

The more functional properties turbine engines have, the more complex their geometry becomes. This means not only a more complex production, but also new demands on the measuring technology for quality control. Dimensional component characteristics are to be measured automatically, in high speed and accuracy, traceably, repeatable and, ideally, production-integrated.

This white paper explores how Optical 3D metrology can meet the challenges of measurement of precision components in all areas of precision engineering.


A download is available here.

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