Bonus Episode – Kingsthorpe College #Inspiration4Innovation

Inside Silverstone Podcast

29th January 2019

In a special bonus episode, your host, Chris Broome, joins other business professionals from the STC in visiting Kingsthorpe College in Northamptonshire.

Their visit was part of the Gaia Innovation school out-reach project, which sees local students connect with the external business community, and in this instance the technology-based community on Silverstone Park.

The 17th January 2019 event saw Chris take part in a speed networking session, where he was grilled in 5 minute intervals by 8-10 students on all things financial planning; his career to date; lessons learned along the way; and even a few cheeky questions about what he earns.

Chris recorded everything for the podcast, and even got some post-event interviews with the other business professionals; the college teachers; as well as the Mayor of South Northamptonshire.

This recording covers 40 minutes on what Chris actually does as a job (financial planning), and 20 minutes from the other professionals in attendance.



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