Bespoke tooling inventory software developed for ‘5S Lean’ workspaces

Silverstone Technology Cluster

2nd December 2021

Coplan has developed an innovative app that helps ‘5S Lean’ organisations significantly de-risk their processes by enabling them to digitally track the condition and location of their tools.

The KIT software is in response to Coplan’s customers – many in aviation, aerospace and pharmaceuticals – asking for help in being able to catalogue their tool inventory in greater detail (CLICK HERE for a video).

MD Paul Mazaher said: “The feedback from customers is that we’ve over-delivered – they have told us they were expecting a physical manual so there’s been a bit of ‘wow, you’ve taken it to the next level’ from them.

“We have a background in intelligent access and asset management so applied that to developing the software for KIT in-house.”

Coplan is already a leader in the design and manufacture of visual tool control foam solutions for organisations to control their tooling stock in working environments dubbed ‘5S Lean’ – the methodology that results in a workplace being clean, uncluttered, safe and well organised, to help reduce waste and optimise productivity.

Paul explained: “KIT provides a complete tooling asset register, so organisations now have a comprehensive electronic inventory of everything within their foam inserts.

“A lot of organisations provide tooling for an area and then lose track of what has been lost or needs replacing as the mechanisms used to catalogue are not robust, nor reliable.

“The visual representation of a drawer that KIT provides means no-one needs to know what has been lost as the gap in the foam and in-turn the software tells them instantly what they need to find or replace.

“An operator can scan a QR code giving them the ability to see what should be in that foam pad.

“From there, they can interact with the detail and report back into management and senior leadership teams, which is a big thing should any tools become broken, missing or in need of checking for calibration.”

In addition to aviation, aerospace and pharmaceuticals, Coplan’s five-strong team in Milton Keynes serves organisations in foodstuffs manufacturing, oil and gas motorsport.

From a time and motion standpoint, the KIT software can significantly improve efficiency for them.

But as Paul highlighted: “Most importantly, what are the implications if a tool goes missing in an aviation workshop or a foodstuffs manufacturing plant, for example?

“If it’s lost that is one thing, but if it’s become a ‘foreign object’ then there is obvious risk – our software flags the potential danger quickly to the operators without being intrusive in what is an already high-pressed environment.”

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