Be the Business programmes give STC members £4m profit & productivity boost

Silverstone Technology Cluster

12th December 2022

STC members have valued the impact that Be the Business’ mentoring and boards programmes have had on their profit and productivity over the past two years at £4 million.

The programmes – through the STC’s partnership with government-supported organisation BtB – have been in place since 2021.

Mentoring offers business owners and their employees one-to-one guidance from BtB’s network of mentors, some from within the STC sphere.

The Boards programme pairs a small business leader with their own non-executive director-style board. This offers each business an individually built experience that utilises the unique and varied skills of every Board member.

It is still possible to sign up for either programme; CLICK HERE for details on how to apply for mentoring or CLICK HERE for Advisory Boards.

A new impact report, – CLICK HERE for the full publication – based on feedback from STC members which had participated in one or both programmes, showed:

• 51% of mentees report that the programme has improved their productivity, and 67% expect productivity will improve, or improve further, over the next two years
• 88% of mentees would recommend the programme to others
• In addition, 80% developed their skills and knowledge, 54% adopted new leadership and practices and 75% feel more confident in their abilities

Feedback on the Boards programme revealed:

• 80% of participants have made at least one change to their business and another 15% plan to make a change within the next two years
• Over 95% of Board members and advisees are satisfied with their experience at the halfway point

Anthony Impey, MBE, CEO of BtB, enthused: “When Be the Business and the Silverstone Technology Cluster became partners in 2021, businesses were still reeling from the effects of the pandemic. Today, they continue to face numerous challenges yet, despite this, innovation, big and small, continues.

“With a special focus on advanced engineering, electronics and software, the Silverstone Technology Cluster features some of the most exciting and innovative small businesses operating today. This, combined with the Cluster’s core values of collaboration, community and support, makes them key partners in Be the Business’ mission to turn the tide on poor productivity.”

STC CEO Pim van Baarsen commented: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Be the Business to provide our members with invaluable access to their free programmes.

“The effect of their support on the companies in the Silverstone Technology Cluster cannot be underplayed – we have seen a £4million impact in under two years, which is remarkable, especially in this current climate.

“It is my belief that the benefits of Be the Business Mentoring and Be the Business Boards are far-reaching and long-lasting so that we may continue to reap the rewards into the future.”

By Carl McKellar

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