Automotive B2B Meetings in Turkey

Eatron Technologies

18th June 2019

Automotive Meetings Bursa is the only auto supply chain event in Turkey for automotive and aftermarket industry. Engineering, procurement, supply chain, fabrication, commodity teams, suppliers and service providers will meet through pre-arranged one-to-one meetings. The first event was sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey.


With its favourable demographics, strong government backing through incentives and a dynamic labour force supporting the industry, Turkey’s cost-competitive labour and energy prices make it an ideal country for automotive manufacturing. According to data from 2018, there was an increase in production performance of 16.1% percent in Turkey, which placed the country in the Top 15th place in the World for automobile production.


Automotive Meetings is aimed at increasing collaboration between innovative, competitive and creative companies through one to one, B2B meetings. The second B2B meeting event is going to be held between 12-14 November 2019 under the auspices of Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, with the participation of numerous national and international mainstream automotive manufacturers and OEMS. Over 100 buyers and a total of 260 motor vehicle manufacturers and OEMs have participated at our last event. Participation of global leaders of the automotive industry is imperative and precious to us.  


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