Autocar: In-car Sound Revolution at Warwick Acoustics Ltd

22nd March 2022

The Warwick Acoustics brand is expanding into automotive territory at full speed.

It was a pleasure to welcome Steve Cropley, Autocar’s Editor in Chief, to our headquarters at MIRA Technology Park for a deep-dive into our new ElectroAcoustic Speaker technology that is set to disrupt the premium in-car audio market. 

As well as telling the story of the Warwick Acoustic brand, Steve’s article in the latest edition of Autocar magazine brings you up to speed on our revolutionary new systems that will deliver audiophile audio performance in-car, in a lightweight, power-efficient and sustainable package.

“Sounds like revolution… light, compact and sophisticated speaker technology that could revolutionise the soundscape inside cars.” – Steve Cropley.

Read the full article – click here

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