Case Study: Apprenticeship webinar goes full circle for MK College & WAAM3D

Silverstone Technology Cluster

19th July 2021

Members Milton Keynes College and WAAM3D have successfully collaborated to recruit a junior software development apprentice as a direct result of an STC webinar.

The College has placed Hok-Yu Vian Siu with WAAM3D on a fully paid 24-month apprenticeship programme.

Hok will split his five-day weeks with four days in the workplace at WAAM3D and the other in training sessions at the College.

Furthermore, WAAM3D is now working with the College (both are members of the STC) to help it recruit for other positions in the future…

“The benefits and results of the networking that the STC provides – such as the apprenticeship webinar earlier in the year – are clear to see. This shows what can be achieved just by logging into one of these webinars,” commented Julie-Ann Hammond MK College’s Employer Engagement Manager for Digital Technologies.

She added: “The STC event really opened up businesses to the opportunities that training young people through apprenticeships can bring, particularly as their existing workforce perhaps starts to age.

“Young people tend to be very loyal to a business if they’ve gone through an apprenticeship with them, plus the business benefits because they can mould that young person from scratch – they don’t have previous ways they have to ‘un-learn’.

“For Hok, he is now surrounded by like-minded technical people to support him, and WAAM are offering a great environment for a young person to develop their skills and career.”

WAAM3D’s HR & Admin Manager Sarah Williams said: “This has immediately proven to be a really successful collaboration with MK College – by the end of July we will have also recruited a second apprentice (mechanical engineer) through them. So from no apprentices suddenly to two in just two months!

“The calibre of candidates the College has sent through has been really high, they’ve helped make the recruitment process simple and, of course, we now have greater productivity.

“We will certainly be using MK College for recruitment of apprentices moving forwards.”


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