An Army for Good – Giving your furloughed time purpose

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24th April 2020

An Army for Good

Join up and find your purpose by delivering positive social impact through your furloughed time

If you have been furloughed or find yourself having to work from home, then we have an amazing opportunity for you. We can help you to deliver greater purpose to your time and deliver social value to the communities you live and work in.

While you may not be legally allowed to work for your employer, volunteering is permissible under the furlough regulations. We can help you identify charities and community groups that need your help NOW. 

Use this time to make a real difference – Building a marketplace for good

Post the skills and services that you can offer during this time:

  • Professional skills such as accounting, legal work, graphic design, marketing etc, 
  • General volunteering such as, phone calls, delivering food and medicines
  • Making donations either directly or by setting up a giving page 
  • Gifting of any item or service
  • Fundraising 

Tell us about charities or community projects that are not on the platform we will add them:

The marketplace also allows you to add charities that you currently support or know of that need help and support. All you have to do is tell us about them and we will do the rest. Furthermore why not search and identify charities and community projects local to you and let us know about them and we will get in touch with them and add them to the marketplace.

Look for charities and community projects in your area that will benefit from your support and help. 

Charities and community projects are also using the marketplace to promote what they do and what help they need from you. You can search the directory and find those skills and services that charities and community project are looking for. 

Register your interest or set up your free account today, and we will connect your offers with charities and community projects and send you projects that you can help with, some from the comfort of your own home and some you can help coordinate from afar, but for each, you will be able to make a difference.


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