ACES Group debates Future Ecosystem Challenges

Silverstone Technology Cluster

18th July 2019

Links to all the Presentations from this event are available below.

A gathering of future-focused people from across the ACES community met yesterday to explore a wide range of challenging issues. Kindly hosted by SNC at The Forum council chambers, this event provided a welcome opportunity to share and debate many questions shaping the future ecosystem of “Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Shared” mobility.

Ably lead by one of the ACES Special Interest Group champions, Philip Guest, the audience was introduced to a number of inspiring strategies and technologies under development that could help shape the future of mobility and transport.

This included a fascinating insight and discussion into the challenges of bringing autonomous vehicles to Heathrow Airport shared by Steve Armitage, Head of Innovation and Intelligent Automation. 

From Nick Molden of AIR Alliance, we also learned about a new approach to vehicle emissions measurement that could drive forward real change in improving future air quality. Nick’s passion for seeking ways to reduce our vehicle impact on our environment was matched by Simon Reader, Engineering Director at Mahle Powertrains, who also encouraged us to keep our minds open to alternative solutions for tackling emissions. Simon shared an R&D project creating a clever hybrid engine at MAHLE Powertrain that may well provide a vehicle that, across its total “lifespan” from production through to end-of-life, would have less impact than EVs.

Along with the debate lead by Neil Morgan (MD of Good Fabrications) on the potential value of retrofitting new batteries into ‘old’ EVs, our delegates engaged in some fascinating Q&A discussion sharing their views.

We also heard about the challenges of E-Mobility from Karl Anders of Innogy, and the potential impact of managing the vast quantity of data set to be created by future connected vehicles from Sunny Chauhan of Gateway Digital.

Through much interactive discussion, our delegates showed their extraordinary range of talent and technological expertise present within our high-tech cluster. At the STC we seek to harness this wealth of knowledge and nurture opportunities where our members can work together to develop future solutions to complex issues. Valuable connections were made yesterday that could contribute towards solving some key issues in shaping the future.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to get more involved in this ACES SIG or contact the speakers from this event, please contact STC CEO Pim van Baarsen.


Presentation Links:

Karl Anders – E-Mobility

Steve Armitage – Autonomous Vehicle Challenges at Heathrow

Sunny Chauhan – Smart insurance solutions for Connected Vehicles

Nick Molden – Routes to improving Air Quality and Vehicle Emissions

Simon Reader – The Mahle Powertrain view of Hybridisation in Vehicle powertrains (Link TBC soon)

Neil Morgan – Potential value in Retrofitting Batteries into ‘old’ EVs


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