#99 #CovidCatchUp – Henry Oxley aka Kaidoz – Fortnite & YouTube Influencer

Inside Silverstone Podcast

21st December 2020

Welcome to a special #CovidCatchUp series of the Inside Silverstone™ podcast!

In episode #99 your host, Chris Broome interviews Henry Oxley aka Kaidoz – Fortnite & YouTube influencer.

Listen as Henry explains his journey from a student who enjoyed playing computer games, to becoming a worldwide YouTube and Fortnite influencer with over 2 million subscribers, and content production in excess of 100 videos and 300 million views.

Henry also talks us through his content production process; strategic partnerships; merchandise; his favourite video to date; his journey to space and back; and the future of Fortnite.

This interview is a fantastic example of a young entrepreneur breaking into new markets and being brave enough to stand out from the crowd.


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