14 Steps to Lifetime Investor Success


17th December 2019

Put simply, follow these 14 steps and with a fair wind you’ll be a successful lifetime investor.

  • Pay off all nonsense debt
  • Take control of your expenses
  • Build an emergency fund (3-6 months income)
  • Insure yourself against bad health disasters
  • Pay yourself first
  • Invest regularly, as soon as you are paid, and more than you think
  • Invest wisely (global equities aka The Great Companies of the World)
  • Utilise tax allowances and reliefs
  • Have a financial plan and update it annually
  • Never, ever, react to the markets
  • Ignore the market noise
  • Understand market volatility, and if still a saver, embrace it
  • Stick to the plan
  • Smile. Enjoy life. It’s not a rehearsal.



Longhurst Thoughts

Ensuring a robust financial plan is put in place will ensure you have the greatest chance of success. We already work alongside a large number of STC members, and have capacity to work with more.

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